Other good open source projects

Here is a list of open source projects you might want to check out. They are free and contain no adware, spyware or other bad things.

OpenOffice.org OpenOffice is the free alternative to MS Office.
FireFox Switch from Internet Explorer to the FireFox browser in seconds and never turn back. Say goodbye to pop-up's and automatic spyware/addware installation.
Mozilla Mozilla features besides FireFox also the ThunderBird e-mail client and the SunBird calendar program.
SourceForge SourceForge has over 80.000 open source projects. Many of them are crap or not ready for production, but some are really usefull. This project is also hosted by SourceForge.
Linux Linux is the free alternative to Windows. There are several major distributions of it, such as RedHat, Debian and Suse. Most open source projects run even better on Linux.
Apache Apache features mainly server-side projects, such a web and mail servers, ...

Open source definition

The open source definition is defined by the Open Source Initiative (OSI).