Although many players play exclusively with their friends, using an instant messaging service to pass their IP's, players also gather in the SimpleGameNet community to find opponents.

The SimpleGameNet WannaGame community

Currently the primary meeting place is on the WannaGame messenger, also used for wancatan. This messanger is focussed on establishing communication between players of different games. It allows broadcasting of your IP to other players to join your game.

You can find more information about the WannaGame messenger (including a free download) here. When you configure the messenger to add the game name in the config (cfg), fill in simplegamenet instead of wancatan.

The SimpleGameNet IRC community

Currently the secondary meeting place is on the IRC netwerk Quakenet in the channel #simplegamenet. A list of the Quakenet IRC servers can be found at


For support take a look on our forums.